Schiphol in Glasgow: speed up the process of making aviation more sustainable

Dick Benschop, CEO of Royal Schiphol Group, is calling for the acceleration of sustainable aviation at the climate summit in Glasgow today. He's doing that at the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Ambassadors event, organised by the World Economic Forum and the UK government.

Benschop: "The production and use of sustainable aviation fuels must be hastened. It is essential that governments, airports, airlines, aircraft manufacturers and fuel producers work together on this. Companies and passengers must be given the opportunity to fly (partly) on sustainable fuel as soon as possible. We are going from compensating CO2 emissions to really flying sustainably. This is a new development. I hope that the market will do more than the rules dictate. That way, we can resolve the dilemma of sustainable aviation."

Schiphol's new aiport charges will encourage the use of sustainable aircraft fuel. Airlines that refuel with biofuel or synthetic fuel at Schiphol will receive 500 euros and 1000 euros per tonne of sustainable fuel respectively. As it now stands, that amount could reach up to 15 million euros over three years.

Mission Possible Partnership
Shortly before the start of the climate summit, Dick Benschop joined Mission Possible Partnership's newly-established board. The partnership is collaborating to transform some of the world's most CO2-intensive sectors. The board is made up of business leaders from various sectors. Other members of the board include Martin Brudermüller (CEO BASF), Aditya Mittal (CEO ArcelorMittal), Charlotte Pera (Vice President for strategy and programs at Bezos Earth Fund) and Barbara Frei (Executive Vice-President, Industrial Automation Schneider Electric).