Schiphol looks back on summer holiday

Schiphol can look back on a summer holiday with satisfied travellers and short waiting times at the security check. Between Friday 7 July and Sunday 3 September, the airport welcomed 3.7 million departing passengers. With an average of 1,339 aircraft movements per day and a total of 79,000 flights, the airport had a summer season that was almost back to previous proportions. 

95% of the departing passengers went through the security check within 8 minutes. On average, the wait time at security control was 3 minutes. This is partly because travellers had prepared themselves well but also because 1050 new colleagues started working in security. This is well above the target of 850. 

Time slots for security a popular choice 
A significant number of travellers made use of the option to book a time slot for the security check. More than 668.000 time slots have been reserved up to now. Of the travellers who made use of their time slot, 98% say they are (very) satisfied with the service. Schiphol is currently examining whether the possibility to reserve time slots can be extended to check-in and passport control. 

Top 3 cities and countries
London, Barcelona and Istanbul were the most popular city trip destinations this summer. In terms of the countries travellers most frequently chose for their holiday this year, Spain, Great Britain and Greece were in the top 3. 

Pleasant workplace and travel experience 
However, the conduct of the summer holidays is no reason for Schiphol to get complacent. At times, arriving travellers have had to queue longer at passport control or wait for their baggage than desired. This remains a focus area that Schiphol continues to work on.

In addition, the airport remains committed to quality and stability in the areas of working conditions, environment, the surroundings and infrastructure. Schiphol thus continues to work consistently towards creating a pleasant workplace and travel experience for travellers.