Schiphol, security companies and unions working on structural solutions to staff shortage

Together with security companies and unions, Schiphol is working to improve its terms of employment and employment conditions. On the one hand, the airport is reducing the number of local departing passengers in the coming period due to the current labour market shortage, while on the other hand it is working on structural solutions to solve this shortage. The parties are specifically working on: 

  • Better schedules. Security staff have to deal with frequently changing schedules and different start times each day. The security companies are reducing the number of start times, making the employees' work week and rhythm more manageable.  
  • Improving rest rooms. Security staff deserve good rest rooms where they can rest and relax after or between their duties. Schiphol is currently upgrading its rest rooms, the renovations of which will be ready within two weeks.  
  • Better wages for security company staff. A surcharge of 1.40 euros per hour currently applies at Schiphol until 1 September 2023. Schiphol is also working on more structural improvements, covering all aspects of pay. In that context, the security industry's 15% CLA wage increase from 1 January 2023 is very welcome. 
  • Recruiting new staff. Schiphol continues to work with security companies to recruit new security staff. In the recent period – despite the expiry of the summer bonus – there has been no increased outflow of security staff. However, new people remain desperately needed.