Schiphol: summer holiday update

This weekend marks the start of the summer holidays for some of the Netherlands. Schiphol expects an average of 59,000 local departures from the airport during the summer holidays. Recently, Schiphol has been working hard on its Summer Action Plan, which focuses on attracting staff and making working at Schiphol more attractive, improving the processes at the airport and focusing on the number of passengers and flights that can be processed. There have already been visible results.  

In addition to reducing the maximum number of locally departing passengers in July and in the first week of August and the deployment of security coaches, Schiphol and the security companies worked hard to retain staff and attract new staff to the training courses. A social agreement has also been concluded between Schiphol and the trade unions, including a summer bonus. The initial results of this are noticeable. In the coming period, about 200 new security staff will be recruited. Communication on trip preparation has been intensified together with the airlines.  

Communication to travellers 
For travellers who will be flying out of Schiphol this summer, we’ve put together a number of tips that will be communicated to travellers through emails, radio commercials, the website, the Schiphol app and social media:
1. Come on time. Schiphol welcomes travellers in the departure hall starting 4 hours before their flight departs.  This way travellers help spread out the queues at check-in counters and the security check, thereby allowing the process to flow more smoothly. 
2. Check in online for your flight. Many airlines allow passengers to check in online from home. This saves time at the check-in counters. For added convenience, travellers can simply drop off their baggage at the self-service baggage drop-off area at the airport.  Travellers with only carry-on luggage can go straight on (upstairs). 
3. Drop off your suitcase at P3. Passengers travelling with KLM, Transavia or TUI can use the Drive-In Check-in at Car Park P3. They can park their car there, drop off luggage at the airline they are flying with and take the shuttle bus to the terminal.
4. Leave everything in your carry-on luggage. Schiphol asks travellers to travel light. Preferably leave the (rolling) suitcase at home and no more than one piece of hand luggage. Travellers can leave liquids and electronics in their carry-on luggage thanks to modern CT scans throughout the airport.  
5. Be prepared for a queue. Put on comfortable shoes and take off your coat in the queue. Click here for more information on soups and getting through security quickly.  

Travellers can click here for a comprehensive list of tips for travelling from Schiphol this summer.