Schiphol to continue cooperation with Dutch construction companies


In 2019, Schiphol started a strategic partnership with BAM, Heijmans and VolkerWessels with the core aim of maintaining the existing infrastructure at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The cooperation with these three Dutch construction companies will last for nine years and will consist of three terms of three years. The airport and the construction companies have decided to enter into the next term with each other with effect from 1 April 2022.

This means that these construction companies, also known as the Main Contractors, will carry out contracts for the maintenance of the existing infrastructure at the airport until at least 2025.

Over the past two years, the Main Contractors have carried out various major and minor maintenance works. They are working as sustainably as possible at our request, by reusing materials and with a focus on reducing CO2 emissions through the increased use of electric equipment, among other things. In addition, the Main Contractors have taken steps towards the digital mapping of the airport's physical operating assets. The construction companies, like everyone else, have carried out their work in exceptional circumstances during the last year and showed flexibility in doing so. Based on this, we have decided to enter into a new three-year term in order to continue investing in the quality we want to deliver to our customers at the airport.
Mirjam de Boer, Director of Asset Management at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Construction projects brought forward
Recently, Schiphol has used the coronavirus period to carry out planned activities earlier than originally planned. Given the low number of passengers, maintenance can now also be carried out during the day instead of just at night without inconveniencing passengers. Examples of the work already carried out include maintenance of the drop-off road (Ceintuurbaan), expansion of the number of security lanes in Departure Hall 4 from five to six – all of the lanes were also fitted with new CT scans – maintenance work on the drinking water pipes in Departure Hall 3 and Departure Lounge 3, maintenance work on aircraft stands and maintenance work on piers.

In total, hundreds of projects have been carried out by the Main Contractors. In the years to come, Schiphol and the construction companies will continue to work together to maintain the airport.