Schiphol to implement two Google Glass applications

New technology offers more insight into and better access to information

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol recently started trials with Google Glass both in the terminal and outside on the airfield. By implementing this innovative technology Schiphol aims to gain more insight into passenger experience and to make work easier.

App for staff

Schiphol has developed an app for Google Glass which is intended to help airport staff make their work out on the airfield easier and simpler. The app for Google Glass provides efficient access to information and can help collect information by means of location determination and taking photographs. Google Glass is hands-free and speech controlled. The accessed information is shown in the display top right, above the eye. Dimensions could be accessed and displayed when installing temporary barriers, for example, so tape measures would no longer be needed.

Google Glass for travellers

To gain more insight into passengers' needs to find their way round the terminal, Schiphol is also testing Google Glass in the terminal. Respondents are given a Google Glass to wear, which subsequently records how they experience the provision of information in the terminal and find their way around.Schiphol is Europe’s Preferred Airport and in order to retain this position, Schiphol innovates continuously to further improve airport processes and to organise them more efficiently. Experimenting with new technology is an important element of that innovation. In this context, Schiphol has started trials with Google Glass. On the basis of interim evaluations and experiences, Schiphol will further develop the staff app. The decision on whether Google Glass will be implemented permanently is expected to be taken next year.