Special dietary requirements are no problem at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol!


At Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, you can eat whatever you want. Passengers with a food allergy, dietary or other special requirements also have more and more choices at the various catering outlets at the airport. We have listed some of HMS Host's foodie hotspots for you, as well as some meals!

Ready, set, go, but let's have something to eat before departure
Do you have a gluten allergy, are you vegan or do you have any other special dietary requirements, but would like a quick bite to eat before departure? If so, visit one of the following restaurants:

Natural fast food, freshly prepared in our own kitchen using as many locally sourced products as possible, which you can happily enjoy at any time of day: from some light yogurt with fruit and honey to delicious, hot, gluten-free meals such as falafel made from sweet potato and chickpeas or the Gobi curry, which is a spicy Indian curry with a coconut milk base. Both are vegan and gluten-free. LEON is located both at Schiphol Plaza (before Security Control) and in Lounge 1 (behind Security Control).

Stay healthy whilst travelling. VIT uses nothing but natural products, the best fuel for your journey. Just try the delicious VIT salads. You can put them together yourself or simply pick a ready-made one. Vegetarian or vegan? That's hardly a problem. To finish it off, why not enjoy a cold-pressed juice? VIT is located in Lounge 3 (behind Security Control


From Indonesian to Vietnamese and from Japanese to Chinese, Asian brasserie Kebaya brings the surprising flavours of the versatile Asian cuisine to Schiphol, and enjoys a fantastic view over the apron. Try the authentic Bo Bun beef salad with gluten-free soy sauce or the vegan Thai Green Curry with tofu. Kebaya is located in Lounge 2 (behind Security Control).










Café Coco
At Café Coco, start your journey in style while enjoying gluten-free dishes. This luxurious and stylish café is also famous for its delicious Belgian pralines, which are not gluten-free or vegan but still very tasty. Café Coco is located in Lounge 2 (behind Security Control).










Grab & Fly 
Are you familiar with the Grab & Fly shops? They can be found at the foot of each pier and are ideal for a quick shop. From 1 April, you can buy small cold-pressed shots here in various flavours: turmeric, ginger or pomegranate. You will also be able to get a Vegan Bircher. from 1 April. This is a trendy breakfast made from oat flakes, plant-based milk and vegan yoghurt.










Curious to discover all the restaurants that offer products without gluten, lactose or other allergens? If so, click here. Enjoy your meal!