Statement from Schiphol in response to ultimatum from FNV Security

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol deeply regrets the FNV’s announcement of plans for collective action at Schiphol airport starting this week.

Schiphol is a client of the security firms I-SEC, Securitas and G4S. These three businesses employ the security personnel who conduct all security-related work at the airport.

It is Schiphol’s position that the planned action is wholly premature and that it undermines the process of constructive dialogue currently taking place between the three security firms, the CNV, De Unie and FNV trade unions and Schiphol.

In recent weeks, Schiphol and the security firms have repeatedly indicated their mutual willingness in principle to adopt the recommendation from the TNO report to establish a maximum standing time of 120 minutes at security filters 1, 2 and 3. The Standing Time working group of the Social Fund for Private Security, in which employers, employees (trade unions) and Schiphol are all represented, is presently engaged in investigating to what extent this – and other – recommendations may be implemented in a practical and feasible manner. The group’s efforts should yield a clear picture sometime in June.

FNV’s suggestion that Schiphol and the security firms are opposed to the establishment of concrete agreements, and that the negotiations have run their course, is inaccurate.

To date, Schiphol has resolved a number of issues with regard to the working conditions at central security and in the departure lounges. For example, temperature and lighting have already been adjusted at various locations. Those problem areas which are more difficult to address will be approached in cooperation with a specialist agency in the near future.

Now that the FNV has announced plans for collective action, Schiphol has informed the FNV that it reserves the right to file for a preliminary injunction to prevent such action, should the circumstances warrant such a step.