The Netherlands is well-connected to the world thanks to Schiphol

With no fewer than 4861 direct flights every week, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol offers the greatest direct connectivity of all European airports. This is stated in the Connectivity Report 2017 of the ACI, the umbrella organisation serving the interests of airport companies. Schiphol has surpassed London, taking leading position thanks to having increased the frequency of flights and number of destinations.*

Royal Schiphol Group President and CEO Jos Nijhuis: ‘With over 320 destinations served by 111 airlines, the network is gigantic, certainly for a country the size of the Netherlands, with a smaller home market than, for instance, Paris. From Geneva to Buenos Aires and from London to Mumbai. This is good for passengers, since the extensive network with frequent flights to the destinations means that foreign countries are accessible to everyone in the Netherlands and vice versa. But it is also good for the competitiveness and thus for Dutch economic growth.'

Schiphol has consolidated its world runner-up position with regard to hub connectivity. Thanks to the airlines, Schiphol is one of the most well-connected airports in the world. The transfer passengers flying with KLM and Skyteam partners via the airport to their final destinations are important for Schiphol's extensive network. Schiphol's hub quality – thanks to its high-capacity runway system and one-terminal concept – is crucial to this. This also makes connections with short transfer times possible.

Despite this success Schiphol constantly needs to continue to develop. So the airport has fully embraced sustainable development and achieving excellent accessibility of the Mainport Schiphol. Early next year, ground will be broken for the actual construction process of the new pier, shortly followed by the new terminal. Schiphol will also be investing in innovations such as biometric border control, smart assets and mobility services. By effectively utilising digital contact moments, the airport will connect with and stay connected to passengers and be able to provide them even better service.

*including Freetown, Katowice, San Jose, Graz, Cartagena, Cagliari