Thuisbezorgd.nl to deliver to companies at Schiphol


Together with Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Vermaat Groep and Burger King Foodgroup, Thuisbezorgd.nl is launching a delivery service for companies established in Schiphol-North, Schiphol-South and in the Central Business District. From now on, staff from office buildings such as WTC Schiphol Airport, The Outlook and The Base will be able to use the Thuisbezorgd.nl website or app to order food from one of the four participating restaurants at Schiphol Plaza. As is the case in the rest of the Netherlands, delivery by Thuisbezorgd.nl's own 'Scoober' delivery service is free of charge.

The Schiphol Plaza restaurants that participate in the scheme are Burger King, Per Tutti, Happy Seafood and Toko To Go. Orders will be delivered free of charge by a new team of Thuisbezorgd.nl delivery staff. Thuisbezorgd.nl will be aiming to deliver orders in under half an hour. The participating restaurants are an addition to the current range already offered by Thuisbezorgd.nl.

Thuisbezorgd.nl is well known for its wide choice, convenience in terms of ordering, and reliability. Although in excess of 7,500 restaurants in the Netherlands are affiliated with Thuisbezorgd.nl, and customers can order easily through our website or app virtually anywhere, the range for Schiphol staff remained limited. We are therefore delighted that Schiphol has selected the Thuisbezorgd.nl service to make it possible to deliver lunch or dinner to the offices at Schiphol.
Maurine Alma, CMO at Takeaway.com
'Schiphol is not only an internal airport, but also an important location for the Dutch working population. Many successful organisations have already established themselves here. For many years now, Schiphol Plaza and its varied array of catering establishments have been a central meeting place for 65,000 employees, both inside the terminal and on the Schiphol grounds. We strive to create places at Schiphol where people and businesses enjoy spending time. For this reason, we are tremendously enthusiastic about the partnership with Thuisbezorgd.nl, which will make the participating restaurants at Schiphol Plaza even more accessible to staff from companies within the delivery service’s catchment area.
André van den Berg, CCO at Royal Schiphol Group

Thuisbezorgd.nl has been busy expanding the number of cities covered by its own delivery staff for quite some time now. Its own delivery service 'Scoober' is now available in six Dutch cities and delivers for restaurants such as Burger King, Five Guys, SLA and Burgermeester. Scoober delivers free of charge. Through parent company Takeaway.com, the service is now available in 32 European cities. Its delivery staff can be recognised by their distinctive orange clothing and e-bikes. All delivery staff are employed by the company and fully insured.

The delivery service at Schiphol is available every day from 12:00 until 19:30, enabling those working overtime to take advantage of the range as well.