Traffic and transport figures for August 2021

3.8 million passengers flew from, via or to Schiphol in August 2021. In August 2020, when Schiphol felt major effects of COVID-19, that number was 1.9 million. In August 2019, 6.8 million passengers travelled through Schiphol. The number of flights to and from Schiphol was 31.847 – 29% fewer than in August 2019. The number of cargo flights was 1,743 (-20% compared to 2020, +46% compared to 2019), which contributed to a 9% increase in transported tonnage compared to last year and a is comparable to 2019.


Of the 3.8 million passengers in August, more than 1.4 million passengers had a transfer at Schiphol. The travellers with a transfer were almost 700,000 unique passengers, who are counted two times in the international counting method: as an arriving passenger and departing passenger. 3 million passengers travelled from or to a destination within Europe.


The number of all-cargo flights has increased, from 1,194 to 1,743, compared to 2019. This compensates for the tonnage normally transported on passenger flights compared with 2019, with a total transported volume of almost 130,000 tonnes.

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