Traffic and transport figures for May 2020

The number of flights to and from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol fell by 87% in May compared to the same period last year, to a total of 5,878. A total of 208,286 passengers travelled to, from or via Schiphol. As a result, the number of passengers decreased by 97% compared to May 2019. The number of cargo flights rose by 1,318 (+108%) compared to the same month last year, totalling 2,543.

Cargo movements

The increase in the number of full cargo flights was mainly to North America (+414%) and Asia (+161%). The number of cargo flights on the other continents also increased compared to 2019. However, as in April, the increase in the number of cargo movements was insufficient to compensate for a decrease in total tonnage. As a result of the considerably lower number of passenger flights with cargo in the hold, the total tonnage transported decreased by 22%.

First increase

On the quietest day in May, at the beginning of the month, there were over 4,000 passengers and around 150 flights to and from Schiphol. At that time, some 2,100 tonnes of cargo were transported.

At the end of May, there were more than 200 flights a day to and from Schiphol, around 10,000 passengers and 3,500 tonnes of cargo were transported. This difference is typical of May, in which the low level was initially continued from April and passenger traffic then cautiously picked up again towards the end of the month. The last time more than 10,000 passengers were transported in one day was roughly two months ago when transport stagnated at the end of March.

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Looking ahead to June

At the end of May there was a slight increase in the number of flights, which is expected to continue in June. At the beginning of June, there were around 10,000 passengers and over 200 flights every day to and from Schiphol. This number is expected to rise to 30,000 to 40,000 passengers and around 350 flights per day in the coming weeks. Among other things, these developments depend on airlines partially continuing to restore their network and on whether or not countries reopen their borders. During the same period last year, the airport welcomed more than 210,000 passengers and nearly 1,450 flights per day.