Traffic and transport figures for November 2017

Traffic and transport figures for November 2017

November saw nearly 5.2 million passengers travelling to, from or via Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. This is an increase of 10.2% relative to last year. November’s increase significantly outstrips the increase seen during the (IATA) summer season, given that additional movements are possible at this time of the year. We are currently seeing a 5.2% increase in air transport movements relative to last year November. The number of occupied seats (+8.2%) also increased relative to last year, while the load factor increased to an average of 82.0%.

The number of cargo flights decreased by 11.6%. The total volume only decreased by 0.9% thanks to the increased load factor of full freighters and more cargo transported in the belly of passenger flights.

Of the nearly 5.2 million passengers, more than 3.6 million were travelling within Europe (+10.8%). Destinations in Poland (+40%), Greece (+39%), Finland (29%) and Germany (+20%) saw exceptional growth, mainly due to more summer movements being continued in winter this year. Furthermore, there were 1.6 million intercontinental passengers this November, which was 8.6% more than in November of last year.

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