October saw nearly 6.3 million passengers travelling to, from or via Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. This is an increase of 7.9% relative to last year. The rapid growth in traffic during the autumn holiday resulted in the number of O&D passengers rising by 9.4%, while transfer traffic rose by 5.5%.

The number of passenger flights increased by 3.4% and the number of cargo flights by 1.4%. Cargo volume saw an increase of 0.9% as a result of a somewhat lower average load factor than last year.



Traffic and transport figures for October 2017

Of the nearly 6.3 million passengers, 4.5 million were travelling within Europe (+8.8%). Destinations in Portugal and also Ireland (especially Dublin) saw strong gains in popularity. Furthermore, there were 1.7 million intercontinental passengers this October, which was 5.9% more than in October of last year.

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*O&D passengers starting (departure) or ending (arrival) their trip at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.