Traffic and transport figures for October 2018

In October of this year, 6.4 million passengers flew from, to or via Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The number of passenger flights increased by 1% and the number of cargo flights fell by 10.7% compared to October 2017. The total number of passengers rose by 2.5%. The number of passengers who started or ended their journey at Schiphol increased by 2.8% and the number of transfer passengers was up 2.1%. Average aircraft size increased by 2.7 seats. The load factor remained virtually unchanged (85.7%).


Over the past October, cargo flights were down 10.7% on the same period last year. Due to a higher cargo volume on board of passenger flights (+4.0%), the total volume of transported cargo was down by 1.6% compared to October 2017.

Passenger destinations

In October, nearly 4.6 million passengers travelled to or from European destinations, up 1.1% on the same period last year. Due to an increase in flights to Reykjavik, the number of passengers travelling to Iceland increased by 18%. Traffic to Poland also grew by 18%, with Gdansk and Krakow receiving more flights than last year. Fewer passengers travelled to and from the Mediterranean destinations Greece (-8%) and Spain (-4%).

The growth in destinations outside Europe continued with a 6.3% rise this month over October 2017, reaching a total of 1.8 million passengers. Growth destinations include India (+41%, with the new destination of Bangalore and an increase in flights to Mumbai), Brazil (+15%, partly due to the new destination of Fortaleza) and the United States (+11%, partly due to more frequent flights to New York).

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