Traffic and transport figures November 2019

November is the first full month of our winter schedule. 5.3 million passengers travelled to, from or via Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, an increase of 0.3% compared to the previous year. This is despite a 1.4% drop in passenger flights since last year. However, the number of occupied seats per flight was somewhat higher in November, offsetting the drop in passenger flights.


The number of cargo flights decreased by 95 (-7.5%) as compared to 1,275 flights in November of last year. Transport tonnage decreased by 5.4%. This decrease was most evident in the case of cargo freighters, with the amount of cargo transported on passenger aircraft showing a less significant decline.

Passenger destinations

A total of 3.7 million passengers travelled from and to European destinations in November (+0.4%). Poland, Austria and Spain showed the most significant growth, proving to be the most popular European destinations. The number of passengers travelling to Germany declined (-2.9%) as compared to last year. The number of passengers travelling to the UK also dropped (-1.1%).

The number of intercontinental passengers travelling through Schiphol increased slightly (+0.8%) to a total of 1.6 million. While the number of passengers to Africa and Asia dropped, this was offset by the other continents. Asia experienced the largest decline in this regard, (-6.8%) due to the suspension of Jet Airways. The number of passengers travelling to the Middle East grew significantly (+13.9%), with the rise in passenger numbers outpacing the increase in flights to the Middle East (+3.0%).

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