World’s first automatic banner dispenser at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

BannerXpress in Arrival Hall 2

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol recently introduced a new feature in Arrival Hall 2: an automatic banner dispenser, called the BannerXpress. Developed by Amsterdam-based company BannerXpress B.V., the dispenser allows people who are meeting passengers at the airport to design and print their own personalised banners. Schiphol is the first airport in the world to offer this service.

The BannerXpress makes it possible to create a personalised banner in minutes and in just five easy steps. The first step is choosing the size, either small (40 cm wide), medium (130 cm wide) or large (almost 3 m wide); the height is a standard 30 cm. Next come the background and theme. The last step is entering the text you wish to appear on the banner. After paying with a debit or credit card, the banner is printed out on canvas.

‘We’re very pleased about putting up our banner dispenser at Schiphol. It’s a great location for a machine like this, where there are so many people reunited after long or short trips away’, explains BannerXpress director and co-founder Thibaud Bruna. According to Otto Ambagtsheer, Director of the airport’s Business Area Consumers, ‘The banners by BannerXpress allow us to offer people who are coming to pick someone up with the chance to surprise them in a playful way. For now we only have this one dispenser in Arrival Hall 2, but we may add more at other locations if it proves popular’.

The price of a small banner is EUR 3.95, a medium-sized banner is EUR 9.95, and a large banner is EUR 14.95.