Can you find the gold on our Instagram?

Hello there gold digger! Are you ready for a gold hunt through Schiphol? Good, cause if you dig well, you can win one of our special Happy Holidays-gift sets (with delicious champagne and chocolates) 

We’ve hidden our well-known Schiphol tower throughout our airport. But not the usual Schiphol tower, no, a golden one! Your starting point will be Schiphol Plaza. Tap the images, read the instructions and decide where you are heading. Are you gonna check out if you can find a golden Schiphol tower at Meeting Point or maybe in our Christmas tree? The choice is yours. And no worries if you hit a dead end. You can always go back and change your direction. If you’ll find a golden Schiphol tower, you know you are on the right track. These special towers will lead you to the final destination. If you reach it, you’ll be in a chance to win our special Happy Holidays-giftset.

We’ll announce the winners on the 2nd of January 2018. So it’s time to find that gold now! Ready, Jet Set, Go(ld)