Cars meets Disney's planes

First-ever 3D drive-in airport movie at Schiphol

The last weekend of September a special pre-screening of the Disney movie Planes was shown at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol as the first 3D drive-in movie in airport history. Lucky prize winners and special guests were able to enjoy Disney’s latest animated movie, Planes, from their own cars on a Schiphol upper parking deck. The Schiphol control tower of Air Traffic Control the Netherlands was prominently used as part of the backdrop with laser effects and spectacular vibrant color changes during the screening. The film was screened using infra-red, so it could be seen in 3D using special 3D glasses. A special radio frequency was made available for the sound so that everyone could fully enjoy watching Planes, just like on an aircraft or in a cinema. It was the first time such a screening had taken place, and the film was shown on three consecutive nights with our business partners KLM, Hertz and Mastercard® each hosting in turn.

According to Gary Mey, Sales Director, Schiphol works actively to create an inspirational environment where people and brands can interact. To help achieve this, the Schiphol Media department constantly works on new and exciting ways of delivering its clients' messages and utilizing the uniqueness of the airport as a cross media platform. “The corporation with the Dutch air traffic control authorities allowing us to actually use the tower was extremely unique in itself”. The idea of creating a drive-in movie on our upper parking deck fits seamlessly with that ambition. “When we presented the original idea to Disney they were immediately very enthusiastic. Together we approached suitable partners ending up with KLM, Mastercard and Hertz who all had their own unique individual event. Embedding events into the Schiphol environment adds value to the profile of brands operating here and shows that Schiphol is always innovative and surprising.”