Come and take a peek at the new pier

Our new pier can best be described as a pier and mini terminal in one. The gates in this new pier will be opened in late 2019. Construction will begin soon, following a year of drawing up designs with no fewer than 100 people! Come take a look at the largest pier Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has ever seen.

The new pier is over 55,000 square metres in size, which is equal to eleven football pitches. It's so big, our B Pier would fit inside of it twice over. And we desperately need all that space, as Schiphol is growing rapidly. For this reason, in addition to a new pier, we are also constructing a new terminal, although the latter won't be finished until 2023.

Relaxing in a lounge chair or doing some shopping before your flight leaves

The era of sitting in one of those black chairs and simply waiting until boarding time is almost over. The new pier will have comfortable lounge chairs for relaxation, high-top tables for working and you can even do some last-minute shopping. Due to the pier's open layout, you will always be able to see when the boarding process starts – even if you aren't waiting at the gate.

Keeping things green

Trees, flowers and plants, there's greenery all over the place in the new pier However, it is green in more ways than one. Sustainability is very important to us at Schiphol, which is why we carefully considered various ways of reusing energy and using reusable or sustainable materials in the design of the new pier. Take the ceiling, for example, which is made of reusable plastic, marble rubblework tiles and 5,000 square metres of solar panels. We flush the toilets using rainwater, and much of the floor is made of bamboo. The new pier really is as green as can be.

Would you like to see what the pier will actually look like? Check out the images of the design and take a peek inside. You will be very welcome at our housewarming in late 2019.

Images: AECOM | cepezed | MESHROOM CGI