Different ways of plane spotting at Schiphol


Schiphol is a plane spotter’s paradise, and this wonderful spring sun makes visiting one of our spotting locations even more enjoyable. We have a good selection of places where you can admire the aircraft from close at hand. Unfortunately, we will temporarily have to close one of them due to renovation work.

The Panorama Terrace
Normally, the Panorama Terrace is the perfect place to spot aircraft as a non-passenger and to enjoy a great view of the apron. However, please note that from 1 March onwards the Panorama Terrace at Schiphol cannot be visited for several months. This is because the existing access route has been closed, in connection with works for the redevelopment of Departure Hall & Lounge 1. Don't worry, the new route to the Panorama Terrace will be open from mid-summer and from then on aircraft fans will be free to visit the Panorama Terrace once again.

Plane spotting next to the busiest runway
Fortunately, there are other places where you can spot to your heart's content. You have the best chance of spotting planes along the busiest runway, Runway 18R-36L. On this runway, the planes take off in a northerly direction (depending on where the wind is coming from) and land in a southerly direction. The plane-spotting location by Runway 18R-36L is at the end of IJweg, west of the runway. Enter the postcode 2141 CN into your sat nav.

Plane spotting next to Runway 09-27
Runway 09-27 is used for take-offs heading east and landings from the west. This, too, tends to depend on the direction of the wind. In addition, from here you can catch a glimpse of Runway 04-22 and Runway 18L-36R. The spotting location by Runway 09-27 is situated in Schiphol-East and can be reached via the N231/Schipholdijk. Enter the postcode 1118 EL into your sat nav.

Behind the security control
Are you flying via Schiphol? As a passenger, you can naturally also spot aircraft behind the security control. For example, walk to the end of Piers G, F or E for views over Runway 09-27, to the end of Pier D for views over Runway 18L-36R or to the end of Piers C and B for views over Runway 06-24. Don’t forget to visit the website of Air Traffic Control The Netherlands to check which runways are being used that day.

Photo credit: Dennis Dieleman