Don't miss a second of the Olympic Games while at Schiphol

Typical; at the exact moment that Sven skates the 10k, you're at Schiphol waiting for your flight. How annoying! No need to be sad, though, as you can follow the Olympic Games at various Schiphol locations. Here's a list of where you can watch the Games on TV.

Booked on an intercontinental flight?

Booked on an intercontinental flight? In that case, once you've passed through the departure halls, you will probably find yourself in Lounges 2 and 3 with plenty of comfortable and cosy places to watch the Games. Imagine yourself in the Holland Heineken House while sitting at the Heineken Experience Bar (Lounge 2) or taking an Irish perspective in Murphy's Irish Pub.

Are you flying within Europe?

Even when staying within Europe, you don't have to miss a second. In Lounge 1, you will find the Tribune Bar, the sports café where sport events are shown each day on a large screen – including the Olympic Games! Another option in Lounge 1 is Café Het Paleis. You could do far worse than watching a ‘spot of curling’ in this old Dutch grand café with its high ceilings and impressive bar!

Before passport control

Are you staying landside because you're dropping someone off or collecting someone? Or do you work at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol? If so, you can agree to meet at Café Rembrandt or Grand Café Plaza at Schiphol Plaza! While waiting or taking a break, you can watch a speed-skating or skiing match at your leisure. Rembrandt even has a projection screen! So even when you arrive far too early at Schiphol or when you've just landed, Café Rembrandt is an easy and cosy option.