Dutch airports prepare for further decline in air traffic

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Eindhoven Airport and Rotterdam The Hague Airport are preparing for a further decline in the number of flights as well as passengers. The number of passengers at Schiphol was down almost 50% compared with 2019 over the last few days. In view of this development and the current travel restrictions, Schiphol is preparing scenarios under which our operations are considerably scaled down over a specific period. Schiphol is also working closely with the cargo sector in order to accommodate plans by several airlines to expand the number of cargo flights.

Eindhoven Airport and Rotterdam The Hague Airport are experiencing a decline in passenger numbers as well. The number of passengers at Eindhoven Airport dropped by 60% from the same period last year. Passenger volumes at Rotterdam The Hague Airport are down by over 50%.

Airports to remain open

Airports will remain open and continue to provide crucial services within the set guidelines under every potential scenario. As a result, airports will continue to facilitate any incoming and outgoing passenger flights remaining, cargo flights, repatriation flights, diverted flights and emergency service flights. The airports are also preparing plans to park grounded aircraft.

Recommendation for passengers

Many countries have introduced inbound travel restrictions for passengers arriving from countries in which the coronavirus has been identified. As a result, various countries are barring entry to flights and/or passengers from the Netherlands. Various airlines and travel organisations have also indicated they will discontinue or reduce flights to and from Schiphol, Eindhoven Airport as well as Rotterdam The Hague Airport. Developments are occurring at high speed. Passengers can find the latest information on the coronavirus with regard to Schiphol on a website set up for this purpose by Schiphol.

Royal Schiphol Group recommends that passengers seeking information on a specific flight from or to Schiphol, Eindhoven Airport or Rotterdam The Hague Airport consult the website for their airline and/or travel organisation. The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs website offers up-to-date travel information for each individual country.