Establishment of Schiphol Design Board

Design Board Schiphol

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol needs more room to accommodate the growth in the number of passengers and air transport movements. It has therefore embarked on numerous major construction projects, including a new pier and terminal, the renovation and expansion of the train and bus station, new parking garages and the expansion of the drop-off roads. These major projects are being integrally managed by a new organisation at Schiphol Group, the Capital Programme.

In the process, it is very important to maintain the quality of the architecture. The airport has therefore set up a Design Board which will advise the Board of Management on the quality of these construction projects, based on a revised architectural vision.

Birgit Otto, COO of Schiphol Group and the initiator of the Design Board: ‘The Design Board will establish a global architectural vision for the new investment projects, both in the Capital Programme and Schiphol-wide. It will check the individual projects within the Capital Programme against this vision. I am looking forward to working with the Design Board and feel that there is plenty of added value in combining architecture, interior architecture, urban planning and development with airport operations. It is also important to maintain the close relationship with the Haarlemmermeer building aesthetics committee, as the chair of the Design Board is also a member of this aesthetics committee.’

Composition of the Design Board

The Design Board consists of the following members:

  • Liesbeth van der Pol: architecture and chair
  • Odette Ex: interior architecture
  • Hanne Buis: airport operations
  • Maurits Schaafsma: urban planning
  • Daphne Bückers: secretary