Find your way at Schiphol using the Apple maps app


As of today, passengers who have an up-to-date iPhone (iOS11) will be able to find their way around the airport using Apple's digital map. Via the app, travellers will be able to see exactly where they are in the terminal. The maps can also be found at schiphol.nl/en/airport-maps/ and in the Schiphol App.

Schiphol uses 'Digital Wayfinding' to ensure up-to-date advice and signage for passengers and visitors. A detailed map of the entire airport is now available, and it has also become easier to find information about shops, restaurants and cafes (reviews, photos etc.).


Our aim with this effort is to reach as many passengers as possible and give them a positive service experience. Of course we also use our own channels to achieve that, but Apple's native maps app now enables us to reach hundreds of millions of potential users. Offering this app was very high on our list of priorities.
Edwin Platteel, Product Owner Digital Wayfinding

Well on our way to becoming Best Digital Airport
Smart Airport Data is part of Schiphol's Digital Airport Programme, which aims to ensure an excellent digital service experience at Schiphol for all passengers and airlines. The fast-track introduction of digital services in collaboration with partners enables the airport to improve efficiency and convenience, and contribute to the well-being of all travellers using Schiphol. Schiphol aspires to become the world’s Leading Digital Airport.