Disruptions for air traffic on 12 December due to winter weather

At 12 December, air traffic at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol experienced disruptions due to winter weather on Monday 11 December. Please see below for updates.

Update December 12 - 7 pm
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is fully operational since this afternoon.
In addition, the crowds in the terminal have decreased.

Update December 12 - 12 noon
After yesterday’s heavy snowfall, the number of flights which arrive or depart from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is almost at the same level as normal. Snow-clearing teams were deployed all night to remove snow from the runways.

However, please be aware that it is currently extremely busy in the terminals. This is because travellers who were unable to fly yesterday may be flying today. Where possible, airlines have re-booked travellers on to other flights. Many airlines have cancelled or delayed their flights for today. As a result, Schiphol encourages travellers to only come to the airport if their flight is actually scheduled to leave today.

For current information, please check with your airline, as well as the Schiphol website and app.