Generous travelers fund 1,000 more care providers in Africa

Thanks to generous donations by travelers at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and the efforts of airport staff, who together raised a total of 214,700 euros in 2017, Amref Flying Doctors can train 1,000 additional care providers in Africa and give some 500,000 people access to healthcare.

Since January 2017, Royal Schiphol Group and Amref Flying Doctors have been working together to raise money and highlight the need for better healthcare in Africa. As well as collection points where travelers can donate money in the terminals, Schiphol staff have raised funds through various activities, including sport and game tournaments and an auction.

Amref Flying Doctors and Royal Schiphol Group share a clear link through their aviation activities. Royal Schiphol Group connects the Netherlands with the rest of the world and connects people with each other. As an international health organisation, Amref Flying Doctors connects medical personnel with the most remote and inhospitable regions of Africa, among other things by means of its medical flights.