New date for opening of Panorama Terrace


The Panorama Terrace has been closed since March of this year due to work in and around Departure Hall 1, which is to create more space and comfort for passengers. An essential part of this work is a new route to the Panorama Terrace. As a result of unforeseen construction work, the process is taking longer than anticipated and the Panorama Terrace will reopen at the end of the year.

During work on the new route, builders encountered pipes which it has – unexpectedly – been impossible to divert. This situation has forced us back to the drawing board in order to come up with a new design. The extra time required has made it necessary to announce a new date for the expected opening of the route to the Panorama Terrace. Our hope is that visitors will once more be able to admire Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and everything which it has to offer from this unique location by the end of the year.

We regret the inconvenience that the above is causing fans of the Panorama Terrace. Fortunately, there are other parts of the airport where plane spotters can indulge themselves in their favourite hobby to their hearts’ content.