No change to Schiphol’s airport charges

Noisy aircraft will pay more

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has decided that as of 1 November 2011 it will maintain, on average, the current level of airport charges. Airport charges are the fees relating to aircraft, passengers and security that Amsterdam Airport Schiphol charges airlines.

With effect from 1 November the full charge (the Passenger Service Charge plus the Security Charge) per O&D passenger and per transfer passenger will remain unchanged from its present level of 27.20 euro and 13.20 euro respectively. With regard to take-off and landing fees, the airlines will see their charges for relatively noisy aircraft increase while the charges for relatively quiet aircraft will be reduced.

Following consultation with the airlines an important consideration in making this decision is the recovery in traffic and transport which makes maintaining the current level of charges possible.

In recent years Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has invested approx. EUR 1 million per day in the quality and capacity of the airport infrastructure, including the new baggage system. In light of this investment the Schiphol Group Management Board intends to raise the airport charges by approx. 4% with effect from April 2012 and by approx. 2% with effect from April 2013. These increases are based on present traffic and transport forecasts.