Royal Schiphol Group full owner of Cargonaut cargo information platform


Royal Schiphol Group will be the full owner of the Cargonaut cargo information platform with effect from 1 November 2020. The platform ensures the exchange of information between all cargo parties at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

The airport has had shares in the company since 1986, when Cargonaut was founded. With the complete takeover, Schiphol aims to take control of improving and renewing Cargonaut's Port Community System (PCS) so that cargo parties can exchange information even more fully and quickly. Schiphol will be working on the renewal of the system over the next two years.

This transition is a wonderful step for the cargo sector. Since a smooth exchange of information will allow us to know even better when which type of cargo is coming in, it will make the flow of goods more predictable. This will enable us to use processes and parties at the airport smarter and more efficiently, which will speed up cargo handling and strengthen Schiphol's competitive position. We will continue to ask cargo parties for feedback on the system, particularly regarding future needs and functionality. I would also like to thank Maaike van der Windt, who has worked very hard over the past two years to make this happen.
Miriam Hoekstra-van der Deen, Directeur Airport Operations at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
With the renewed system that Cargonaut and Royal Schiphol Group are developing, we will soon be completely prepared for the future. We are improving the current system so that cargo parties can communicate more easily, both with each other and with government bodies, such as Customs. It also ensures that the cargo sector will be able to cope with the expected increase in e-commerce goods
Jonas van Stekelenburg, acting CEO of Cargonaut.

The system upgrade is also in line with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management's plan for digitising cargo transport, referred to as the Digital Transport Strategy for the Transportation of Goods.