Schiphol asks several airlines to cancel flights today


Schiphol has asked several airlines to cancel flights today between 16:00 and 23:00. Staffing levels at security today are lower than what Schiphol had requested of the security companies. As a result, there is a shortage of security personnel and the number of waiting travellers is increasing, especially in Departures 3.

After weeks of improvement, Schiphol did not expect to have to take these measures again. Employees in the terminal are doing everything they can to ensure that everyone can travel today, but unfortunately there is a chance that travellers will miss their flight due to long waiting times.  

Schiphol regrets the situation that has arisen and understands the disappointment and frustration that it may entail for airlines and travellers. Travellers who miss their flight as a result of long queues at the security check can apply to Schiphol for compensation. Airlines that heed the request to cancel flights will be compensated. 

Travellers flying today are advised to keep an eye on the latest flight information and to get in touch with their airline if they have any questions about their flight.