Schiphol expecting three million passengers during the autumn holiday

During the upcoming autumn holiday, three million people will travel via Schiphol. This is an increase of 6% compared with the 2016 autumn holiday. Schiphol is taking extra measures to make time spent at the airport as pleasant as possible.

The most popular holiday destinations are Barcelona, London, Antalya, Malaga and Milan. The days on which the majority of passengers depart during the autumn holiday are Friday, 20 October and Sunday, 22 October. Friday, 27 October is the day on which the largest number of passengers arrive in Amsterdam on a single day.

Extra employees
Just like during other holiday periods, Schiphol increases staffing during the autumn holiday. As a result, all security entryways are more than adequately staffed, and there are flexible teams ready for Schiphol to call in during busy times. In addition, there are more people working in other parts of the terminal to serve passengers. For example, by helping them find their way around the airport and answering questions.

Alongside the specialist staff, Schiphol will also be bringing in office staff and a team of volunteers to help at peak times. The Welcome@schiphol team consists of several dozen former employees and other Schiphol enthusiasts.

Small Bags Only
This autumn holiday, passengers can take advantage of a separate entryway at the security control for 'Small Bags Only’. Passengers using the Small Bags Only security lane are permitted a maximum of one item of hand baggage that is no larger than 40x30x20 cm and is not a trolley bag. For instance, a small handbag, a backpack or a laptop bag. Compared to regular security lanes, 15% to 20% more passengers can pass through the Small Bags Only security lanes within the same timespan.

The Small Bags Only lane is open in Departure Hall 1 from 03:00 until 20:00, in Departure Hall 2 from 06:30 until 20:30, and in Departure Hall 3 from 06:30 until 20:30.

Tips for passengers
In addition to travelling as light as possible, Schiphol has a few other tips for passengers. These include checking beforehand which items are permitted in hand baggage, keeping liquids and electronic devices separate when going through the security control and of course following the airline's advice on when to arrive at Schiphol. Passengers can find the complete list of tips on Schiphol's holiday page.