Schiphol launches Business/Electric Business taxi

Reserved taxi service for business travellers

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has today launched the Schiphol Business Taxi service, including a green, electric version, the Electric Business Taxi. Schiphol Business Taxi is a luxury taxi service especially designed to help business travellers start or end their journey in business class style. The taxi is a new version of the popular Schiphol Travel Taxi, which has already been in use for many years. Both of these transport products are offered by the joint venture between Schiphol Group and Connexxion.

Passengers can reserve a Schiphol Business Taxi up to four hours ahead of departure and can be transported from anywhere in the Netherlands, apart from the West Frisian Islands.

Extra services are offered, such as an escort to and from the gate and check-in assistance to help business travellers book flights and check-in.

Schiphol Electric Business Taxi

The launch of the first Electric Business Taxi means that there now is a green option available to the business market too. The Schiphol Electric Business Taxi is 100% electric and can cover a radius of around 100km. This makes it ideally suited to short distances, such as journeys between Schiphol and central Amsterdam or the Amsterdam Zuidas business district. The ‘green’ version also offers Wi-Fi connectivity inside as an additional facility. Eventually, Wi-Fi will be rolled out to all Schiphol Business Taxis.

Pieter Verboom, Schiphol Group’s Chief Financial Officer, said: "We are extremely proud that our collaboration with Connexxion has enabled us to bring quality and expertise together to create two new taxi products. These products not only meet the needs of our customers but also contribute to our goal of increasing sustainable transport.”

“Schiphol Business Taxi is a perfect fit with our objective of providing business travellers the highest levels of comfort and personal service - our core values," said Bram Drexhage, Chief Financial Officer van Connexxion. “Schiphol Electric Business Taxi reflects our corporate social responsibility strategy, which includes minimising the environmental impact of transportation. We are proud that Schiphol Electric Business Taxi has enabled us to do so”, commented Bram Drexhage.