Schiphol launches extra recruitment campaign for security guards


Schiphol Airport has launched an extra recruitment campaign specifically aimed at recruiting security guards. This nationwide campaign will run during the months of July and August and aims to bolster the ongoing recruitment activities of the security companies working at Schiphol.

The past few weeks have been busy at Schiphol. And these crowds will continue during the summer months. More security guards are needed to ensure that as many people as possible can travel comfortably and safely, and to reduce queues and waiting times for travellers. This is why Schiphol Group has launched a new additional recruitment campaign. 

The campaign is aimed at people who like action and being pro-active, who like to be in contact with others and stay calm in heated situations. We are explicitly focusing on people’s attitude and disposition. Experience in the security industry is not a prerequisite. The motto of the campaign is: "We need you!"

The campaign is taking place mainly online. Schiphol as a future workplace is being promoted on various social media channels: Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, supplemented by digital outdoor advertising in BasicFit gyms. Recruitment spots are also being broadcast on digital radio stations, such as Radio 538, Sky Radio and Radio Veronica, during the months of July and August. 

The campaign is being supported by the websitewww.schiphol.nl/beveiliger, where interested parties can find more information about the security companies working for Schiphol, the various positions, the competencies required and an explanation of the application procedure.

230 new employees through job fair
The campaign was implemented by SteamTalmark, the creative agency that also produced a short campaign in the run-up to the Schiphol Job Fair on 11 June. This job fair not only focused on positions in security, but also on operational positions in (flight) handling, logistics, facility services, cleaning, hospitality and retail. Partly due to the success of the campaign, the job fair was visited by over 900 job-seekers, dozens of whom signed a contract on the spot. In the weeks following the job fair, follow-up talks took place and more contracts were signed. In total, this led to over 230 vacancies being filled at the 50 participating companies.

It’s a challenging time to recruit for Schiphol. The urgency to recruit security guards for Schiphol is incredibly high and visible. That’s why we choose to tell it like it is in this tactical campaign; Schiphol really needs you. It’s an interesting challenge.

Rick Geven, Client Director SteamTalmark

We’ve been working hard for months to help companies that provide services at Schiphol to recruit additional staff. This includes the security companies CTSN, Trigion, G4S, I-Sec and Securitas. The good news is that companies have seen a sharp increase in the number of applications in recent weeks. However, we still have many vacancies to fill. I hope and expect that with this campaign we can tempt many people to apply for a fun and challenging job as a security guard at Schiphol and look forward to welcoming many new colleagues in the near future.

Esmé Valk, Director HR Schiphol Group