Schiphol to launch ‘Small bags only’ trial


This summer, passengers with no baggage or with only a small bag may take advantage of streamlined passage through the security checks. ‘Small bags’ refers to laptop bags, backpacks and small handbags. These days, due to costs and convenience, an increasing number of people are choosing to travel with hand baggage only – which leads to more work at security checkpoints.

How does it work?
At the start of the walking route to the security control, there is a separate entrance with a sign reading ‘Small bags only’. A Schiphol employee will determine which hand baggage is suitable for the passage. The passenger can then continue on to the security check via the waiting area. These special passages will only be available at peak times. This trial will speed up the boarding process for passengers with little baggage, which in turn contributes to a smooth process at the airport.

The trial will begin on Saturday 1 July in Departure Halls 1, 2 and 3 and will continue throughout the summer. When the trial is over, Schiphol will evaluate the results.