Schiphol to place screens around the terminal building with actual waiting times to Security Control


Amsterdam Airport Schiphol launched last week a trial with additional screens around the terminal building that indicate the actual waiting times to Security Control. The screens form part of Schiphol’s Summer 2022 Action Plan, which – among other things – includes measures to improve the information provision for passengers.

Initially, these screens will be placed in Departure Hall 1, after which they will be rolled out to other locations throughout the terminal building. The screens will offer information in addition to that displayed on the regular screens near Security Control, which Schiphol has already been using to inform passengers about actual waiting times. The new screens will ensure that passengers further down the queue for departure will also be aware of actual waiting times.

Not knowing how long you need to queue for and the fear of missing your flight are among the most irritating unpredictabilities for air passengers. Naturally, this is also the subject of the most frequently asked questions. The aim of these screens is to put passengers’ minds at rest while they queue.

Patricia Vitalis, Director Airport Operations at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol