Schiphol's response to the draft Aviation Memorandum

The Dutch ministerie van Infrastructuur en Waterstaat (Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management) published its draft Aviation Memorandum.

CEO Dick Benschop of Royal Schiphol Group said in response: “The aviation industry has found itself in an unprecedented situation. The recovery will take years and it should be done safely. It is of the highest importance how we use this period of time, for the economy, the area and the environment. Schiphol advocates a controlled recovery with annual steps toward increasing the number of flight movements. We simultaneously need a new long-term perspective, so the Aviation Note being drawn up is extremely important. The course is clear: to head towards sustainable aviation with an improved balance between the quality of the network, which is so important to the Dutch economy, and the quality of the living environment”.

Schiphol has already acted upon its strategy, which contributes to the quality of the living environment, network and services. This includes investments and innovations to achieve emission-free aviation, sustainable taxiing, synthetic fuels, action plans to reduce ultrafine particles and nitrogen, and cooperation with LVNL to reduce noise disturbance for residents in Schiphol’s vicinity.

Controlled recovery

Dick Benschop also said: “The strategy of controlled recovery – in which the number of flight movements takes place predictably and in annual steps – gives network quality and sustainability an important place in the redistribution of released take-off and landing rights. This provides certainty for local residents and the Dutch aviation industry, and substantiates the basic principles of the draft Aviation Memorandum”.