Security firms and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol also reach agreement with FNV

This is a joint press release by security firms G4S, I-SEC and Securitas and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Today, 2 June 2016, the security firms at Schiphol (G4S, I-SEC and Securitas) and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol have reached agreement with FNV Security on further improvements to the working conditions of security staff at Schiphol. The agreement complements and further defines the agreement reached earlier with CNV Vakmensen and De Unie Security. That agreement concerns a reduction of the maximum standing time to 120 minutes as of 1 September 2016, and the start of two pilot projects that will involve effective work breaks and making standing work easier.

The security firms and Schiphol are pleased that they have now also been able to reach agreement with FNV, and that FNV, as a result, has called off any further industrial action.

The further definition of the agreement concerns, amongst others, solving problem areas in workplace facilities, such as climate control, noise and lighting. Solving these problems will remain a top priority; progress on these issues will be monitored jointly by the parties concerned. In addition, the parties will make a joint effort to tackle absenteeism due to illness among security staff at Schiphol. Temporary practical measures will be taken, moreover, to reduce the workload during the busy summer period until 1 September of this year.

The security firms and FNV have also made agreements on enabling redundant staff to return to work, and a number of temporary employment contracts will be converted into permanent contracts earlier than planned.