Traffic and transport figures for February 2017

February saw 4.3 million passengers travelling to, from or via Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. This was 5.8% more than in February 2016. This growth partly stems from the larger aircraft which are serving Schiphol, with an average of 5 seats more. However, as February 2016 had a leap day, the growth was slightly slower than last year.

The number of air transport movements rose by 1.3%. This growth rate was reduced by 1% as a result of the cancellations caused by the storm on 23 February.


Of the 4.3 million passengers, 3 million were travelling within Europe and 1.3 million were travelling to intercontinental destinations.

The highest growth in the number of passengers within Europe was found on flights to and from Spain. The highest growth in the number of passengers on intercontinental flights was on flights to and from Asia, partly due to the addition of two daily destinations in India.


Cargo transport to and from Schiphol grew from 122,829 tons in January 2016 to 131,450 tons in January 2017, an increase of 7.0%.

A total overview of the traffic and transport figures can be found here.