Traffic and transport figures for October 2020

In October, the number of flights to and from Schiphol declined by 56% to a total of 19,614 (44,503 in October 2019). This resulted in a total of 1.14 million passengers who travelled to, from or via Schiphol (6.43 million in October 2019), representing an 82% fall in passenger numbers. The number of cargo flights rose to 2,139 (+60%) compared to the same month last year, which partly accounts for the slightly lower tonnage transported compared to last year (-2%).

Declining numbers

Just as earlier this year, the second wave of coronavirus infections led to increased travel restrictions and a reduced willingness to travel. The month of October saw a gradual decline in the number of flights and passengers. On the busiest day of the month (2 October) airport transport movements totalled 748 and almost 48,000 passengers, while on the quietest day (27 October) airport transport movements totalled 491 and just under 25,000 passengers.

The number of passengers at the airport roughly halved during October and as a result is down by as much as 82% on last year. The decline applies mainly to the number of passengers arriving in and departing from the Netherlands, representing a fall of 87% compared to last year. The number of passengers transferring at Schiphol fell less sharply (-73%).

Global air traffic

The number of passengers travelling from or to a European destination in October fell by 81% compared to last year. All destinations saw a proportionate decline in passenger numbers, without any positive exceptions. The number of passengers travelling from or to non-European destinations fell by 85% and as a result has remained relatively stable in the past few months.

Due to the increase in the number of cargo flights, the number of intercontinental air transport movements fell less sharply (-41%) than the number of European air transport movements (-59%). These cargo flights were mainly operated to Asia, North America and South America.

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Outlook for November

In November we expect that air traffic will come under further pressure as a result of the travel restrictions. We project that the number of daily flights will fluctuate between 370 and 610 and that the daily number of passengers will range between 16,000-38,000.