XD Theatre at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol offers a spectacular world first as the first 6D XD Theatre at an airport

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, in collaboration with XD Theatre, has launched a world first today, by being the first airport in the world where visitors can watch virtual 3D ride adventures. Seated in a special motion-based seat, they can experience a spectacular adventure heightened by sound, wind and lighting effects. There are three ‘rides’ to choose from: Canyon Coaster leads you on a dizzying journey through the canyons and mines of the Wild West, Jett & Jinn lets you share in the adventures of a little boy and his cat flying through the city and Snowride takes you across snow-covered ski slopes. New films will regularly be added to the assortment on offer.

‘We are proud that Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the first airport in the world to have one of our 6D XD Theatres. It’s a terrific location with a tremendous diversity of visitors, and we are very excited to share this new way of experiencing film with them. Although these films are only four to five minutes long, visitors genuinely gain a new experience in our theatre’, says Gabi Salabi, VP Business Development at Triotech.

‘The opening of the XD Theatre enables Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to expand the range of entertainment products on offer at the airport. This expansion ties in perfectly with Schiphol’s ambition to be and remain Europe’s preferred airport’, says Otto Ambagtsheer, BA Consumers Director of Schiphol Group. ‘We expect not only passengers to take advantage of this new attraction, but also day trippers and people picking up and seeing off family and friends.’

The XD Theatre is located at Schiphol Plaza across from the Meeting Point. Admission is restricted to persons aged five and over who are at least 1.40m tall. Tickets cost EUR 6. The XD Theatre is the flagship product from Canadian based company Triotech and will initially be featured at the airport for a trial period of six months. Eighty of these theatres have been built around the world, and so far they have been deployed in many large shopping, entertainment centres, parks and many other locations. Seventy of these theatres have been built around the world, but so far they could only be found in large shopping and entertainment centres.