132 people with a disadvantage on the labour market working at Schiphol


A full year after the partnership with the municipality of Amsterdam began, 132 people with a disadvantage on the labour market have started work at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in the past year, despite the coronavirus crisis. This result was achieved by working together with the employers’ organisation Werkgevers Servicepunt Groot-Amsterdam (WSP) and Luchtvaart Community Schiphol (LCS), with which 45 employers are affiliated.

This involves recruiting people with a disadvantage on the labour market and creating jobs in various sectors, such as cleaning, retail, hospitality, security and logistics. In the past year, this mainly involved employees who started work in logistics. Schiphol has a relatively large number of jobs for low to medium-skilled employees.

We are very happy that we have been able to achieve such a great result with this partnership. Fortunately, despite the difficult times the aviation industry is facing, there are still companies that need people, like in logistics. Our ambition to be an inclusive airport is the same as ever. We always focus on the opportunities that are indeed available
Francien David, the director of Aviation Community Schiphol

The WSP is a partnership between the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV), Pantar, AM match and the municipalities of Aalsmeer, Amstelveen, Amsterdam, Diemen, Haarlemmermeer, Ouder-Amstel, De Ronde Venen and Uithoorn. As a partner to ‘compassionate’ employers, WSP helps individuals with a disadvantage on the labour market who are seeking employment to find work. LCS is a network organisation partnering with the Royal Schiphol Group, the Amsterdam Regional Training Centre (ROC) and KLM. LCS connects the business community, the education sector and government, and focuses on sustainably strengthening the Schiphol labour market.