5.2 million passengers via Schiphol in and around May holiday period

In the period from 20 April through 14 May, a total of 5.2 million passengers will travel to, from and via Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. During the official May holiday week, the number of people arriving and departing will be 78% higher than the same week last year. The busiest day will be Friday 4 May, with 226,000 passengers. Schiphol and its partners at the airport will be taking additional measures to ensure that everyones holiday gets off to the smoothest possible start.

Additional staff
Schiphol will be deploying large numbers of additional staff during the holiday period. At security control, for example, there will be more than 20% more employees than in 2017. Many extra staff members will be working elsewhere in the terminal as well, including employees to help passengers find their way and answer passengers’ questions, along with special crowd teams to streamline passenger flows at peak times. Schiphol is also expanding its social media team so that more passengers can ask their questions digitally.

Other important measures
In addition to the deployment of additional staff, Schiphol will be taking the following measures, among others:

  • Two additional security lanes in Departure Hall 2

  • Two additional security lanes in Departure Hall 1 at peak times

  • Small bags only: separate waiting area for passengers with little or no hand baggage

  • Flexible teams which Schiphol can deploy where possible

  • Welcome @ Schiphol team: former employees who work as volunteers to give passengers a warm welcome

  • Airport assistants: office staff who help on the terminal floor

  • Baggage drop-off and check-in at P3: passengers can already check-in in the P3 car park

  • Up-to-the-minute travel information via the Schiphol app and website

Tips and requests for passengers
To ensure the smoothest possible journey, Schiphol also has a few tips and requests for passengers. The most important is to be at Schiphol at the arrival time recommended by the airline. This is usually two hours before departure for flights within Europe, and three hours before departure for intercontinental flights. We advise against arriving much earlier, since passengers will then unnecessarily spend time in the queue for flights with earlier departures.

Other tips include bringing as little hand baggage as possible to move through security control more quickly, checking the validity of passports and travel documents before leaving home, and keeping an eye on current flight information via the airline, the Schiphol website or the Schiphol app. Passengers can find more tips on www.schiphol.nl/tips.

One airport, several responsible parties
Three airport partners are responsible for ensuring a smooth flow of passengers departing from Schiphol. The first is Schiphol itself, which is responsible for infrastructure and the security screening of passengers and their baggage. Next are the airlines, which are responsible for the check-in process. Finally, the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee is responsible for border control. Schiphol maintains close contact with these partners.