AECOM Team to design new Schiphol pier

Royal Schiphol Group will be designing the pier of the future together with the AECOM Team. The successful bid team has been commissioned to deliver a full design for the new pier and airside facilities in late 2017. Schiphol selected the winning team as a consequence of its architectural outlook, suggested approach and related price.

The team brings relevant Dutch capability combined with international experience in aviation, architecture, sustainability and interior design from AECOM, Cepezed, Imd , dGmR and Copijn.

The new pier is expected to be operational in late 2019 and will give Schiphol eight new gates. There will be five new gates for narrow-body aircraft on the north side, while the south side will have three gates for wide-body aircraft which can also be used to connect six narrow-body aircrafts. In a later stage two additional wide-body gates will be created on the south side of the new pier.

Birgit Otto, COO of Royal Schiphol Group: 'We are extremely pleased that an international team of this calibre will be designing the pier. The AECOM Team has a clear vision of the contribution it can make to achieving the aims of Schiphol. The team has also managed to demonstrate that rapid construction does not necessarily have to be at odds with the sustainability objectives of Schiphol and an attractive passenger experience. Together we will be preparing Schiphol for the future with greater comfort for passengers and more facilities for airlines.'

Capital Programme

Schiphol needs to expand facilities to accommodate the growth in the number of passengers and air transport movements. In order to further develop its position as multi-modal hub and 'Preferred Airport', Schiphol is on the eve of various comprehensive infrastructural investment projects, such as the construction of a new pier and terminal, modifications to the landside infrastructure and parking facilities and improvements to the train and bus station. These projects are being managed on an integral basis as part of the Royal Schiphol Group's Capital Programme.


In the tender procedure for the new pier and airside facilities design, the tenders of five selected parties were assessed with regard to:

1. the suggested approach to reach the project objectives

2. risk management

3. the opportunities for Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

4. the project team supervising the design

5. the vision on architecture

6. the price