Airport-hotel shuttle at Schiphol: a clean step forward

Clean Airport-hotel shuttle buses that drive to and from a new bus station close to the arrival passage at Schiphol. That’s the vision that KHN-Haarlemmermeer, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Haarlemmermeer municipality presented today with the Airport-hotel shuttle. The three parties are confident that this new mode of transportation will make an important contribution to the service offered to travellers and hotel guests, the quality of life in the local area, and the reduction in fossil fuel use and CO2 emissions in Haarlemmermeer.  

Previous cooperation between the parties made it evident that a clean, shared bus system is feasible. Haarlemmermeer municipality, KHN-Haarlemmermeer and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol will now conduct follow-up research, arrange financing and work out the (technical) implementation of the system. The airport hotels around Schiphol will no longer provide and manage their own shuttle service independently, but operate it together. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is supporting this shuttle service by providing a location for a bus stop. There are currently 28 hotels connected to the Airport-hotel shuttle. 


The new bus station at Schiphol’s arrival passage is only accessible to Airport-hotel shuttle buses that are part of the new zero-emission Schiphol hotel shuttle system. Buses not yet participating in the system are being allocated an entry and exit point 200 meters away. This makes it attractive for the hotel shuttle buses to join the zero emission system. 

The agreement between the three parties replaces the current concession system for Airport-hotel shuttle buses with a new one, based on Schiphol's policy to be an emission-free airport by 2030. A shuttle system like this also makes an important contribution to reducing nitrogen emissions. Moreover, it reduces the consumption of fossil fuels and increases the quality of life in the area. 

Good connection 

This brings the realisation of the Airport-hotel shuttle bus one step closer. This unique collaboration between the hotels, Schiphol and the municipality will contribute to a cleaner environment as well as enhance service. This makes a huge impact.

John Nieuwland, chairman KHN-Haarlemmermeer

This new system means we have a good connection between the hotels and the airport 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Clear, easy and fast for passengers arriving at Schiphol. When this system is in place, we expect to save 1,000 polluting kilometres every day. This makes a positive contribution to the local air quality and to the reduction of emissions.

Patricia Vitalis, Director Airport Operations and Aviation Partnerships at Royal Schiphol Group

The Airport-hotel shuttle bus is a valuable step towards a better quality of life and lower CO2 emissions in our municipality. With this initiative, we are paving the way towards a cleaner future when it comes to bus transport.

Marja Ruigrok, councillor Economic Affairs at Haarlemmermeer municipality