Amsterdam Airport Schiphol awarded Europe’s best airport

At this year's Passenger Terminal Expo in Vienna, passengers have awarded Amsterdam Airport Schiphol ‘Europe’s best airport’. Although Schiphol had already won the award of ‘Western Europe’s best airport’ several times, this is the first time it is recognised as ‘Europe’s best airport’. Additionally, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is back among the world’s top 5 airports, ranking fourth (compared with sixth on last year’s list).

‘We are particularly proud of this award because it are the passengers who have voted us Europe’s best airport. This award is not only a sign of recognition, it also provides an added impetus for us to fulfil and continue to fulfil our ambition to be Europe’s preferred airport,’ says Maarten de Groof, Executive Vice President & CCO of Schiphol Group.

Among the top 5 best airports in the world

The top 5 list of best airports in the world is headed by Incheon International Airport (South Korea), followed by Singapore Changi Airport, Hong Kong International Airport, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Beijing Capital International Airport.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is renowned not only because it so easy for transfer passengers to find their way around, but also on account of its many excellent recreational and leisure facilities. For these reasons Amsterdam Airport Schiphol now also ranks as the world's third-best transfer airport, after Singapore Changi Airport and Incheon International Airport.

The awards were presented to Senior Design and Review Manager Jan van der Linden at the Passenger Terminal Expo in Vienna yesterday.


The World Airport Awards, also known in the travel industry as the Passenger’s Choice Awards, are considered the most significant benchmark for measuring the quality of airports worldwide. For the 2012 edition, Skytrax carried out a survey among more than 12 million travellers from over a hundred different countries on the quality of 388 airports around the world. This independent survey has been conducted since 1999.

Skytrax, a British consultancy, conducts research into the quality of various aspects of civil aviation, such as airlines and airports.