Amsterdam Airport Schiphol presents Summer 2022 Action Plan

Schiphol is today presenting an action plan for the summer. The plan comprises four lines of action: recruiting staff, appealing work at Schiphol, optimising passenger flow and making operations feasible. This plan features actions on the part of the airport geared towards effective management of the high volume of travellers expected over the summer.

During the May holiday, we set straight to work on developing and implementing solutions for the overcrowding at the airport. We are doing so in conjunction with all parties operating at Schiphol: the airlines, the tour operators, the security firms, the ground handlers, the unions and our other public and private partners. We might not be able to completely prevent queueing, but we can promise that we are doing our utmost to ensure that travellers have a predictable, pleasant experience at Schiphol.

Dick Benschop, President & CEO of Royal Schiphol Group

Recruiting staff

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is working with security firms to boost the number of security staff on duty at the airport. Every extra security guard that the security firms manage to recruit will be a welcome addition. Various recruitment campaigns are under way and a job fair for jobseekers is to be held at Schiphol on 11 June. A nationwide recruitment campaign will also be launched in June for a variety of professions, including in security, ground handling and cleaning.

Appealing work at Schiphol

Working at Schiphol should be (and remain) an appealing prospect. Schiphol and the unions are currently in negotiations to ensure that the important work that makes up Schiphol’s operations is properly rewarded. All parties are feeling the urgency in that respect. Schiphol anticipates being able to present the outcome of negotiations with the unions in the very near future.

Optimising passenger flow

Schiphol has identified additional measures to optimise passenger flow in the terminal. One example is the deployment of ‘security coaches’, who will be helping travellers to pass through security as swiftly as possible. Schiphol will also be consulting with airlines to look into ways of reducing the amount of hand luggage. And, of course, Schiphol is enlisting the help of as many extra staff as possible, including office staff and retired colleagues.

Making operations feasible

The final line of action is to ensure that the situation at Schiphol is ‘feasible’. This means tailoring the number of flights and travellers to the volume that the currently available staff are capable of handling. Aspects of this include better harmonisation with airlines on scheduling, redirecting flights to regional airports and the amended slot regulations announced yesterday.

An overview of all actions can be downloaded on the right-hand side of this page (Dutch only).