Amsterdam Airport Schiphol wins Canadian prize for favourite airport

Canadian travel agents voted Amsterdam Airport Schiphol once again as their favourite airport. In this race, Schiphol defeated London Heathrow and Toronto Pearson with flying colours.

According to Baxter Travel Media magazine (http://bit.ly/lCSH0c), it all comes down to the service offered by Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The duty-free shops, the fine dining and Holland Casino: they all contribute to the diversity of services on offer to passengers. ‘It’s the shopping and also how easy it is to get around the airport – especially as I do not speak Dutch, and most people there speak English’, one of the travel agents said.

The magazine explicitly mentioned the further expansion of services offered at Schiphol. Examples include the recent opening of Airport Park, where passengers can enjoy some peace and quiet before they board their aircraft, and the Airport Library, the first permanent library in the world to be located at an airport.

The arrival of Baxter Travel Media's Agents' Choice Awards readership survey has become a landmark in the industry, giving voice to Canadian travel agents to vote for their favourites in a wide array of categories, from all-inclusive to tour operator. This year's 12th annual survey attracted close to 4,800 voters, picking their favourites in 24 industry categories.

Schiphol: Europe’s Preferred Airport

This prize confirms Amsterdam Airport Schiphol’s goal to be and remain Europe’s Preferred Airport. Passengers choose Schiphol because it is much more than simply an airport: it is a dynamic hub where passengers and visitors feel welcome and where different worlds meet, just like in a modern city.