Bubbles Seafood & Wine Bar opens new location at Schiphol

Bubbles Seafood & Wine Bar is opening its doors at a new location at the airport. The well-known concept by HMSHost Nederland can now be found in Lounge 2. In this luxury restaurant, travellers can enjoy a menu filled with exclusive products like oysters and champagne.  

Bubbles was previously located in Lounge 1 and was recently relocated to Lounge 2. The new restaurant was designed by renowned Dutch interior designer Paul Linse, who has created a look and feel to catch the attention of travellers passing by. Linse has come up with a luxurious and inviting space that makes use of natural wood, marble and warm lighting. 

We are very pleased about the opening of Bubbles in Lounge 2. Over the coming years we will continue to improve the quality of this lounge by, among other things, introducing several leading luxury (fashion) brands. Bubbles fits in perfectly with these exclusive concepts at this central location at the airport

Tim de Bie, Director Commercial Terminal Royal Schiphol Group

Champagne and oysters 
The restaurant can seat up to 70 customers and is open every day from 7 o’clock in the morning to 9 o'clock at night. Travellers have an exclusive menu from which they can order a wide selection of products, including caviar, oysters, lobster rolls and champagne. Dishes can be ordered in advance using the 'Your Order Please' app and are also available to take away.