Delays and cancellations due to storm Isha

Due to expected strong winds caused by storm Isha, around 130 flights have been preventively canceled tomorrow, Monday, January 22. Travelers should therefore expect delays and cancellations. This applies to both arriving and departing flights. Schiphol therefore advises travelers to check the current flight information before departure. This can be done at Schiphol.nl, in our app or with the airline.

The peak of storm Isha is expected between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m., with wind speeds of nearly 70 kilometers per hour, and very heavy wind gusts to over 100 kilometers per hour. 

The storm may also affect aircraft handling on the ground. For safety reasons, during these circumstances handling cannot always be done as normal, possibly resulting in more disruptions in the flight schedule for both departing and arriving flights.  

We remain in close contact with the weather services for the most current weather forecasts and its impact on air traffic.